Moteck Digipower Diseqc 1.2 Motor

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New Lower Price
Top Best Rated H to H DiseqC Motor...
Moteck Digipower SG-2100 H to H DiseqC 1.2 Motor compatible with
dishes up to 1.2 metre. Very Reliable and easy to install.


Technomate 1600 2 CI+ 80cm Motorised + Dragon Cam 4.1

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Cheapest Motorised Deal!! Monthly Deal.. £ 269.00

Beat This Deal:
Technomate 1600 2CI +
80cm Full Motorised system with 0.3 dB LNB
Dragon Cam 4.1 + Loader + INXTC Access Card 9

TM-1600 2CI 2CI + Blind Search + 5000 Channels + SPDIF
Digital Audio + USALS/DiSEqC 1.2 + Auto Navigation + TV OUT

80cm Motorised System includes:
80cm Solid Dish + wall Mount
0.3 dB Unifit Digital Universal LNB
Moteck Digipower SG2100 A DiseqC 1.2 Motor
20mt High quality cable + Installation Kit


Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra

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Special Offer. This Month Only..

Fortec Star Life Time Ultra FTA Satellite Receiver,
Diseqc 1.2. Top Receiver.
New with PowerScan...
RF Modulator


Matrix Revolution Cam with Receiver

Only with a Purchase of a Fortec Star or Technomate Receiver.

This Offer Price is Only valid when the Matrix Revolution is purchased
together with a Fortec Star and Technomate receivers ( Only CI Models)
Matrix Revolution Cam... Ideal to use  as  6 in 1.... MultiCam. UCAS .Best CAM..


Technomate 1000 CI

Now Only
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Only £ 85.00 This Month Only..
Online Offer Only.

Excellent receiver with Power Scan ( Blind Search) 
DiseqC 1.2 and USUALS
5,000 Channels Programmable
Fast Channel Search
1 x CI slot
Video Games with Stereo Sound
Digital Audio Output
Unit to Unit Transfer
Rf Modulator


Fortec Star Platinum 2 CI Fixed System+ Matrix Revolution + Cas 2


Best Deal available....

It includes:
Fortec Star Platinum 2 CI
Matrix Revolution CAM
Cas 2 Interface programmer + USB Cable
SKY 60cm Mesh Dish + Wall Mount + LNB
10 mt cable + Full installation Kit

Fortec Star Lifetime Diamond Combo

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Freeview and FTA Receiver

Fortec Star Life Time Diamond, FTA Satellite Receiver & Freeview  for Terrestrial Channels.
Diseqc 1.2. Top Receiver. New with PowerScan...


Fortec Star Lifetime Diamond Combo Fixed System

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Freeview and FTA Receiver

Fortec Star Lifetime Diamond Combo Fixed system Package Deal:
It Includes:
Fortec Star Lifetime Diamond Combo
60cm SKY Mesh Dish + LNB + wall Mount
10mt cable + Install Kit

Fortec Star Life Time Diamond, FTA Satellite Receiver & Freeview 
for Terrestrial Channels.
Diseqc 1.2. Top Receiver. New with PowerScan...

Top Up TV To Go

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Special Offer:
Top Up TV CAM & Top Up TV Starter Pack

Top Up TV Cam & Top UP TV Starter Pack..all at a great price..
The Top Up TV Starter Pack includes Top-Up TV Viewing card,
the £20 connection fee and the first month's subscription.


Four Plus Adult Card + Full X 1 & 2

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New: 6 channels Package Viaccess

Four channel card includes Sex-View TV, Sex-View Plus, 247Sex TV and Don't Panic TV.
Zeta Blue comes with Full X 1 & 2 and the CAM is Viaccess compatible.


Quali-TV QS1080IRCI + Subscription Card

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New! High Definition Satellite Receiver.
A must for Home Cinema enthusiastic
If you want the BEST don't look further

Quali-TV HD Digital Satellite Receiver QS1080IRCI + Euro 1080 Subscription
A high definition satellite set top box with embedded Irdeto Access
conditional access and two common interface slots. Supporting the
highest video and sound quality levels as well as standard digital channels.
HDTV and SDTV Display Support
Video/Audio Connectivity
DVI, RGBHV, Composite, SPDIF, VCR/DVD scart, TV scart
Output Format 1080i, 720P, 576P and 576i


ART Sports 6 Months Card



ART Sports Official 6 Months Subscription Card in Viaccess 2
broadcasting from 13” East Hotbird.
Domestic Use Only.


Technomate 1500 CI+ Motorised System

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It includes:
Technomate TM 1500 CI+  
80cm Solid Dish + Wall Mount
Digital LNB 0.4 dB
Moteck Digipower DiseqC 1.2 Motor
20 mt cable + Full installation Kit

Dragon Cam New 4.1 + Loader + Access 9 Card


New Dragon Cam 4.1 with Loader . Best Cam.
Includes FireCrypt, allowing compatibility with the pan-European blue
movie services InXtc-TV and X-Plus TV.
Includes FREE InXtc-TV / X-Plus TV 9 month SIM card:


Digitalb 6 months Albanian Card + Conax CAM

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Special Offer This Month

Digitalb 6 Months card + Conax Cam.
XXXX,ETC,ETC ON 16E EUTELSAT W2 IN CONAX (version 4.00e only)


SKY Quad Digital LNB



Sky Quad digital LNB . This Quad LNB has 4 outputs which allows you to run
up to 4 receivers from one Sky minidish. Also It can be used to install SKY +. 

Installation Kit
Installation Kit

SKY TV Link & Remote Control


Sky TV Link and Remote control as a set . It allows you to control your Sky
digibox from another room.You have to run a coax cable from the RF2 of you
digibox to your other TV . Cable and connectors can be purchased separately .

Installation Kit
Installation Kit

Fortec Star Monoblock LNB Disecq

Special Offer

Monoblock LNB with built in DisecQ allows you to receive Astra 1 ( 19.2” East )
and Hotbird ( 13” East)  from one fixed dish and only requires one cable to the LNB.
Suitable for DiseqC digital receivers. Colour is light.